• 10 Aug 2022
    • 5:00 PM - 6:45 PM
    • Level 13, 140 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
    • 5

    The Victorian Society for Computers and the Law and the Law Institute of Victoria’s Technology & Innovation Section invite you to join us for a discussion and networking event centred on the theme: Cyberwarfare is the New Cold War.

    New weapons will be made of code, not uranium. Unlike conventional warfare, cyberwarfare is characterised by constant innovation, near real-time and global consequences, and difficulties in attributing the attacker. However, despite the virtual nature of attacks, the consequences for our societies are no less real. As countries develop their defensive and offensive cyber capabilities, policy makers must consider what the new rules of engagement should look like. 

    This session will include presentations from Katherine Mansted (Director of Cyber Intelligence at CyberCX) and Professor Matthew Warren (Director of the RMIT University Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation/Professor of Cyber Security at RMIT), followed by networking with canapés and drinks.

    Registration details

    This event is free for VSCL/LIV members and open to non-members for a $20 fee.

    This registration page is for VSCL members only. LIV members or attendees who are not members of either organisation can register to attend via the LIV events portal.

    Online registration closes 24 hours before the event begins.


    Katherine Mansted, Director of Cyber Intelligence at CyberCX

    Katherine Mansted has 10+ years’ experience as a strategic advisor across government, industry and think tanks. She is the Director—Cyber Intelligence and Public Policy at Australia’s leading cyber services company, CyberCX, and a Senior Fellow at the Australian National University's National Security College. Previously, Katherine led the College’s Public Policy team.

    Katherine regularly briefs government, business and public audiences on national security and technology policy issues. Her work has been featured in Foreign Affairs, The Strategist, The Australian and on the ABC, and she has testified before parliamentary committees including the Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.

    She holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

    Professor Matthew Warren, Director of the RMIT University Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation/Professor of Cyber Security at RMIT

    Matthew Warren is the Director of the RMIT University Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation and a Professor of Cyber Security at RMIT University. He has held roles such as Deputy Director of University Research Centre, Head of School, Deputy Head of School, Program Leader for several programs during his tenure at Deakin University. 

    Matthew Warren is a researcher in the areas of Cyber Security and Computer Ethics. He has received numerous grants and awards from national and international funding bodies, such as: Australian Research Council (ARC); Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the United Kingdom; National Research Foundation (NRF) in South Africa.

    Matthew Warren has taught in Australia, Finland, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

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